Non-Fiction Stories

My Grandfather’s Eyes

Adelaide Literary Award Anthology Essays
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An Uncommon Hero

The Writing Disorder
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Through the Fog of Time

Adelaide Literary Journal
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Stalking an Active Shooter

American Thinker
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A Trail Runner’s Botched Bear Encounter

Trail Runner Magazine
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Fiction Stories

The Interrogation

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing
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Wedding Day

Pulp Modern Flash
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Essays & Articles

“5 Deadly Force Myths”

Career Authors — 11/16/2022
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My Muse

Bea’s Book Nook — 05/22/2021
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Lessons Learned by a Debut Author

DIY MFA — 05/20/2021
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Higgins: Enough of the Lying

Law Enforcement Today — 06/26/2020
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Hunting Narco-Terrorists in Afghanistan

American Thinker — 03/11/2020
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Save Big Bucks by Ditching Your Car

Medium — 08/22/2019
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Rethinking Drug Legalization

International Man — 08/07/2018
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Fighting Anti-Police Propaganda

Law Enforcement Today — 05/13/2018
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The Stephon Clark Protests are Perpetuating a Lie

Police Magazine — 03/30/2018
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In Afghanistan, Concessions are Appeasement

American Thinker — 03/28/2018
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Drugs Fuel Terrorism

Law Enforcement Today — 12/06/2017
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After 16 Years of War, Afghanistan Still World’s Heroin Supplier

American Conservative — 08/23/2017
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End the Myth

Law Enforcement Today — 08/19/2017
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Understanding Narco-Terrorism

American Thinker — 06/13/2017
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Why Buying Illegal Drugs is Immoral

The Washington Times — 04/28/2017
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The Moral Case Against the Minimum Wage

The Current Newspapers — 04/19/2017
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Principled Decision Making

The Current Newspapers — 09/28/2016
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Poem: Knights in Blue

Poem addresses the moment when people understand the root dangers inherent in nature and their perception of police changes in an instant.
Police 1 — Sep 27, 2019
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