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The Forever Game

Life-Saving Technology Can Be Deadly

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Special Agent Adam Locke quits DEA and joins his brother’s artificial intelligence company so he can care for his dying girlfriend, but when his brother is killed in a suspicious accident, Adam discovers life-saving technology can be also deadly.

Being a special agent meant everything to Adam, but when his girlfriend is diagnosed with cancer, he resigns to be closer to home. He takes a job at his brother’s AI start-up and works for an eccentric billionaire on Cuttyhunk Island, a tiny community near Cape Cod.

Forever Technology promises artificial intelligence will extend life, but after a scientist falls off a cliff and Adam’s brother dies in an explosion, Adam believes someone is killing to protect the priceless innovation.

The clock is ticking as Adam fights to use the technology to save his girlfriend and to prove his brother was murdered before the killer can escape with the world’s most valuable scientific discovery.

The Forever Game examines the philosophical issues that arise when artificial intelligence can cure disease, download minds, and offer eternal life. It explores the nature of consciousness and what it means to be human.

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“Higgins puts his real-world combat experience onto the pages of this twisty, high-stakes novel that dramatizes the AI crisis we’re all hurtling toward.”
—Mark Alpert, Internationally Bestselling Author

“…fast-paced and action-packed… From the opening page I was captivated and had to finish reading to the end. Higgins created a plot that flows well and is cleverly executed.”
—Readers’ Favorite (5 Star Review)

“Higgins himself has ‘been there and done that, ‘ and this experience reveals itself on every page. I’ve no doubt readers will be hungry for more adventures from Adam Locke.”
—Mark Greaney, #1 NYT Bestselling Author

“DEA Special Agent Adam Locke is a series-worthy action hero whose debut is filled with breathtaking action and a surprisingly exquisite exploration of AI-assisted immortality.”
—Best Thrillers Review

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