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Poem: Knights in Blue By Jeffrey James Higgins Published September 27, 2019 This month’s poem is by Jeffrey James Higgins, a former police officer and retired DEA supervisory special agent. He wrote the poem after observing people walking the streets of Manhattan – a shining...

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Save Big Bucks by Ditching Your Car

Photo by Mike Tsitas on Unsplash Medium By Jeffrey James Higgins Published August 21, 2019 If you live in an urban area, it may make sense to ditch your car for alternative transportation. Selling your car provides significant benefits to your lifestyle, the...

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Why buying illegal drugs is immoral

The Washington Times By Jeffrey James Higgins Thursday, April 27, 2017 ANALYSIS/OPINION: Purchasing illegal drugs is an immoral act, regardless of where one stands in the legalization debate. When drugs are legally prohibited, criminal organizations assume control of...

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