My Favorite Books about Writing

Jan 29, 2022

I’ve been a full-time author for almost five years, and I’m still improving my craft. Becoming a better writer is a lifelong pursuit. Since many of my readers are also writers, I’ll share some of my favorite books on the craft of writing. I’ll recommend books about the business of writing in another post.

1) The First Five Pages, by Noah Lukeman (Mistakes acquiring editors notice)

2) Save The Cat Writes a Novel, by Jessica Brody (Great for structure)

4) The Writer’s Journey, by Christopher Vogler (Based on The Hero with a Thousand Faces)

5) Story, by Robert McKee (Uses movies to explain basic story structure)

6) Writing the Breakout Novel, by Donald Maass (Going deeper with plot and character)

7) Writing the Blockbuster Novel, by Albert Zuckerman (Components of a bestseller)

8) The Writing Life, by Annie Dillard (Memoir and craft)

9) On Writing, by Stephen King (Memoir and craft)

10) Storycraft, by Jack Hart (Writing nonfiction)


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