Wedding Day

Nov 17, 2020

Pulp Modern Flash

by Jeffrey James Higgins

Published November 16, 2020


The worst day for a wedding.

Alexander stared out his bedroom window and watched guests dressed in tuxedos and gowns take their seats in chairs arranged on the lawn in front of the altar. A hundred friends and family all waited for the big moment. Alexander and Julie’s wedding ceremony would start in exactly twenty minutes.

Why had Julie done it? Had he done something to provoke her betrayal? Was something wrong with him? Or was Juliet broken inside? Cheating with his best man.

Alexander had given Julie everything, shared everything, admitted everything. Well, not everything. Some things had to stay secret.

But he had loved her. Or at least he had acted the way he imagined normal people expressed their love.

It wasn’t his fault. He had not wanted this to happen. This time, he had really tried.

Alexander stared out at his guests, then he looked down at his blood-stained hands.

The worst day for a wedding.

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