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LEO Round Table – January 22, 2018

Does proactive policing reduce crime? Watch the panel discuss police training and tactics, analyze shootings, and talk about law enforcement issues in the news. Episode 458: Is Difficult Training Necessary?...

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LEO Round Table – January 8, 2018

Episode 446: Enforcing the federal marijuana prohibition. http://leoroundtable.com/federal-marijuana-laws-to-be-enforced-in-legalized-states-leo-round-table-episode-446/ Episode 447: “Swatting” incident and updated stories....

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LEO Round Table – January 3, 2018

Episode 441: Why did officer fatalities go down in 2017? http://leoroundtable.com/line-of-duty-deaths-decrease-ten-percent-for-law-enforcement-in-2017-leo-round-table-episode-441/ Episode 442: Should it be easier to prosecute police?...

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LEO Round Table – December 27, 2017

Episode 435: Do Bad Officers Shoot More? http://leoroundtable.com/cops-involved-in-multiple-shootings-are-they-good-or-bad-cops-leo-round-table-episode-435/ Episode 436: Minneapolis Shooting Investigation / Officer Charged with Terrorism....

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LEO Round Table – December 11, 2017

Episode 422: Federal Concealed Carry Debate http://leoroundtable.com/national-concealed-carry-for-civilians-good-or-bad-leo-round-table-episode-422/ Episode 423: Controversial Shooting...

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Quoted in Law Enforcement Today

My recent article, End the Myth, is quoted extensively in Jeff McNeff's new piece, Institutional Injustice is a Lie. Read them both at Law Enforcement Today.    

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LEO Round Table – 10/23/2017

Episode 380: Should police standardize firearms? http://leoroundtable.com/firearms-standardization-in-law-enforcement-good-or-bad-leo-round-table-episode-380/ Episode 381: Should de-escalation be required?...

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LEO Round Table – September 11, 2017

Episode 342: Bribing gang members? http://leoroundtable.com/should-you-pay-violent-gang-members-a-stipend-to-end-gun-violence-leo-round-table-episode-342/ Episode 343: Should police view videos?...

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LEO Round Table – September 4, 2017

Episode 336: Officer arrests nurse for following the law. http://leoroundtable.com/nurse-arrested-by-police-while-protecting-unconscious-cops-rights-leo-round-table-episode-336/ Episode 337: Police shooting justified under stand-your-ground....

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