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Police Shootings and Race

LEO Round Table June 8, 2020 Jeffrey appeared on the LEO Round Table podcast and discussed the statistics around police shootings of unarmed black men and the variables contributing to racial disparities.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxoFKQ1D4qE&t=10s

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The Stephon Clark Protests are Perpetuating a Lie

The press and the activists slant the story of this police shooting and other police shootings to make them sound like officers callously kill unarmed black men without mentioning the circumstances the officers faced or the actions of the suspects. Police Magazine by...

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LEO Round Table – January 15, 2018

The LEO Round Table discusses Tasers, immigration law, states’ rights, anti-police narratives, federal control of land, police shootings, and more. Watch all five episodes. Episode 453: Do Tasers Affect Cognition?...

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LEO Round Table – December 18, 2017

Episode 428: Is the FBI Biased? http://leoroundtable.com/president-trump-tough-on-fbi-loves-law-enforcement-leo-round-table-episode-428/ Episode 429: NYPD Restricts Public Contacts...

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LEO Round Table – October 2, 2017

Episode 360: Terror in Las Vegas / Lost Weapon Leads to Shooting http://leoroundtable.com/las-vegas-terror-produces-deadliest-mass-shooting-in-u-s-leo-round-table-episode-360/ Episode 361: Police can’t Protest in Uniform / Government Shouldn’t Fund the NFL...

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LEO Round Table – September 25, 2017

Episode 354: NFL protests http://leoroundtable.com/nfl-protests-during-national-anthem-and-law-enforcement-leo-round-table-episode-354/ Episode 355: Seattle use-of-force / Officer saves jumper...

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