American Thinker – Biden’s Disgraceful Retreat

American Thinker published my article, Biden's Disgraceful Retreat. For more than a decade, I hunted terrorists as a supervisory special agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration, and I believe that the United States' abandonment of Afghanistan is a disgraceful,...

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Hunting Narco-Terrorists in Afghanistan

  American Thinker By Jeffrey James Higgins Published March 11, 2020 It’s time for DEA to blitz Afghanistan. DEA should commit additional manpower and resources to fill the vacuum created by the U.S. military’s drawdown. It may seem strange to call for an...

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In Afghanistan, Concessions Are Appeasement

AmericanThinker.comAmerican Thinker By Jeffrey James Higgins Published March 29, 2018 Afghan president Ashraf Ghani's recent peace overtures to the Afghan Taliban amount to appeasement and should be condemned by the United States.  This week, regional and world...

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Radio Interview

I spoke to Law Enforcement Today about some of my experiences combating narco-terrorism. Enjoy the interview.

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Interview with Ana Cabrera

Ana Cabrera interviews Jeffrey James Higgins, on the CNN Newsroom, on 09/23/17. Higgins talks about the investigation of Haji Bagcho, the world's most prolific heroin trafficker.

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3 CNN Appearances

Tune in on Saturday, September 23 to see my two live interviews on CNN Newsroom and to watch an episode about one of my cases on CNN Declassified. Fredricka Whitfield will interview me about narco-terrorism at 12:50 p.m. and Ana Cabrera will interview me again at 8:50...

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CNN Declassified Tonight

CNN Declassified is scheduled to air The Godfather of Heroin tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET. This episode details the investigation and arrest of Haji Bagcho, the world's most prolific drug trafficker. If the episode is postponed for CNN's coverage of hurricane Irma, which...

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CNN Declassified

My interview with CNN and the CNN Declassified episode about the capture of the world's most prolific heroin trafficker were postponed last week because of news coverage of the riots in Charlottesville. Both my interview and the airing of Heroin's Godfather: Haji...

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