New Literary Agent

Dec 19, 2019

I’ve signed with a new literary agent, Linda Langton, who will represent my nonfiction manuscript, Blood and Powder.

“Battling bureaucrats and terrorists, a special agent pushes DEA into war and makes the first narco-terrorism arrest—forever changing how terrorism is prosecuted.”

Langtons International Agency announced me as one of their new authors in their December newsletter. I look forward to working with Linda and her team.

Welcome to Our New Authors


Jeffrey James Higgins is a former reporter, a retired DEA supervisory special agent, and an expert in narco-terrorism. He has won many awards and has been featured and interviewed on CNN, Voice of America, USA Today, New York Times, Fox News, etc. Blood and Powder is a compelling true story that will take the reader into the dangerous underground world of narco-terrorism, revealing how the Taliban is still surviving in a post 9/11 world. Welcome, Jeffrey.


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