My Muse

May 22, 2021

My wife is my hero and my inspiration.

In my debut novel, Furious: Sailing into Terror, Dr. Dagny Steele grieves the unexpected loss of her child, and her despair threatens both her career and her desire to live. Dagny’s husband tries to snap her out of her depression by dragging her onto a 62-foot yacht for a sailing voyage across the Indian Ocean. Alone with her husband and surrounded by hundreds of miles of water, Dagny begins to recover, but the ocean can be perilous. They encounter a raging monsoon, a great white shark, and other deadly threats, but sometimes, the greatest danger is what you don’t see.

The themes running through Furious are courage in the face of adversity, fighting to survive, and never giving up. My wife, Cynthia Farahat Higgins, inspired those themes. I’m fortunate to be married to the person I most admire, and that relationship has informed all my writing.

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