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Sep 13, 2021

“Book Review: Unseen”

Reviewed by Jaylynn Korrell

What does it mean to be evil?

Content Warning: Graphic violence

This high-stakes political thriller pulses with suspense, as two men navigate a series of killings in and around Washington D.C.

After his father was killed in the Boston Marathon bombings, Malachi found his way into the police force. This choice, while an attempt to find healing, overlooks the needs of his wife and children, causing them to leave him. Now with little to come home to, Malachi

thrusts all he has into his work. This becomes much easier when suspicious murders be- gin to happen all around Georgetown.

With a strong inclination as to what ties these murders together, Malachi goes above and beyond for his first homicide case, willing to break all the rules to catch this relentless killer.

Though a suspenseful thriller, Higgins doesn’t leave the reader guessing as to who this newfound serial killer is.

Early on, we are introduced to Austin—and the reasons for why he’s chosen this new route in life. Stemming from the murder of his girlfriend Vanessa in Afghanistan, Austin feels that his killings, avenging the love of his love and defending his beloved country, are justified. Readers may get to know Austin’s character early on in this novel, but his story is always developing, refreshening with new surprises waiting to be revealed.

Higgins does a wonderful job of balancing the personalities and actions of these two men despite them being on seemingly opposite sides. As we dive further into the book, we can see clearly that Malachi and Austin have more in common than they think.

Both are still coping with the loss of their fathers and the women in their life, and they both feel that their actions are completely justifiable. Their similarities and differences demand our attention as they teeter on the edge of figuring the other out.

There is no lack of suspense here. Malachi is a half-step behind Austin at nearly every turn, making this storyline a thrilling chase to follow. With each new murder, Malachi’s intuition grows stronger. Then the feeling only intensifies when he connects with Zhara, an expert on Muslim Brotherhood and a welcomed new love interest. She is an excellent addition to this male-led story. I love that she is given a strong voice and a pivotal role.

Unseen wastes no time filling its chapters with intense chases and climactic moments, while making the reader question how far someone is willing to go for the causes they believe in.

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