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May 24, 2021

Why do you write in the genre that you do?
I’ve always loved reading thrillers, and I’ve identified as a writer since I was five or six years old, so when I started writing fiction, choosing the thriller genre made sense. Writers should be passionate about what they write, and if they pick genres for other reasons, like chasing the market, it shows. My twenty-five years chasing criminals and terrorists also gives me insight into thriller writing. I’ve been in many life and death situations, and those experiences inform my action scenes.

How has writing changed/altered your life?
I’ve wanted to publish books since I was a child. After working as a reporter, I entered law enforcement and enjoyed it so much, I stayed for decades. I retired four years ago and have been writing full time since then. It has taken me years to learn the craft, and I’ve made many mistakes, but now that I’m getting published and receiving great reviews, I feel like I’m finally following my calling.

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