LEO Round Table – January 29, 2018

Law enforcement experts discuss the opioid crisis, the politicization of the FBI, and more on the LEO Round Table.

Episode 464: Should Philadelphia Legalize Opioid Injection Sites?


Episode 465: Wearing Ballistic Vests / FBI Malfeasance?


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LEO Round Table – January 22, 2018

Does proactive policing reduce crime? Watch the panel discuss police training and tactics, analyze shootings, and talk about law enforcement issues in the news.

Episode 458: Is Difficult Training Necessary?


Episode 459: How to Give Commands / Parents Torture Children


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LEO Round Table – January 15, 2018

The LEO Round Table discusses Tasers, immigration law, states’ rights, anti-police narratives, federal control of land, police shootings, and more. Watch all five episodes.

Episode 453: Do Tasers Affect Cognition?


Episode 454: Police Confront Shooter/ Chief Investigated for Releasing Immigrants.


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LEO Round Table – January 3, 2018

Episode 441: Why did officer fatalities go down in 2017?


Episode 442: Should it be easier to prosecute police?


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LEO Round Table – December 27, 2017

Episode 435: Do Bad Officers Shoot More?


Episode 436: Minneapolis Shooting Investigation / Officer Charged with Terrorism.


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LEO Round Table – December 4, 2017

Episode 416: Immigration and Crime


Episode 417: 2nd Amendment and Drugs


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LEO Round Table – 10/23/2017

Episode 380: Should police standardize firearms?


Episode 381: Should de-escalation be required?


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Voice of America Interview

Voice of America interviewed me about China’s role in the opioid crisis. The video interview will be produced soon.

Here’s the article in Mandarin Chinese:


Here’s a rough English translation, using Google Translate:


New Opium War: China ‘s Fatal Exports

September 6, 2017



Every day, an average of 100 Americans died of opioid overdose. Last month, President Chuanpu announced the country’s entry into the “state of emergency” of opioid abuse. In this “unprecedented” crisis, China is an important part, because most of the synthetic opium drugs, made in China, exported from China, especially the highly toxic fentanyl. Law enforcement officers said there is more and more fentanyl through mail into the United States, to challenge the law enforcement.

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LEO Round Table – October 2, 2017

Episode 360: Terror in Las Vegas / Lost Weapon Leads to Shooting


Episode 361: Police can’t Protest in Uniform / Government Shouldn’t Fund the NFL


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LEO Round Table – September 25, 2017

Episode 354: NFL protests

NFL Protests During National Anthem And Law Enforcement – LEO Round Table episode 354

Episode 355: Seattle use-of-force / Officer saves jumper

Seattle Police Lose Use-Of-Force Lawsuit, Should They? – LEO Round Table episode 355

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